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Welcome to the 1% Club


The 1% Club is for those whose only limit is the one they put on them self. These groups are created for high-impact professionals who create their own income and lifestyle. Each group is tailored to the challenges a person faces at each level of their business.

  • 80% of your success is your beliefs.

  • 20% of your success is your strategy.

  • 100% of your success is your ability to implement the proper strategy and take-action.


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  • Bronze Breakthrough
    • 2 Hour Vision and Goal Clarity Session
    • Mindset For Success
    • Creating Successful Habits
    • Time Management
    • Custom Business Plan
    • Weekly Action Steps
  • Silver Breakthrough
    • 2 Hour Vision and Goal Clarity Session
    • Business Success Habits
    • Mindset For Success
    • Leadership Strengths
    • Building Your “A” Team
    • Custom Strategy
    • Collaboration
    • Weekly Action Steps
  • Platinum Breakthrough
    • Peer to Peer Collaboration
    • Strengths Assessment
    • Leadership Assessment
    • Team Assessments
1 Percent Club


  • Why can’t I break this income barrier?

  • How do I get my employees/team to be more productive?

  • Am I not communicating clearly with others?

  • What am I doing wrong? Or what am I missing?

  • Why is everyone else succeeding but me?

  • Why am I lacking motivation?

  • Should I hire someone or create a team?

Then the 1% Club is for you. Breakthrough limiting beliefs, change strategies that aren’t working.

What got you here is not what will get you to the next level.
Famous saying, Insanity is doing the same thing over again and hoping for a different result. Reality is we think the routines that got us to $200,000 are the same routines that will take us to the next level. Not true!


  • Increase your productivity

  • Improve income

  • Improve quality of life

  • More time for key relationships

  • Fulfillment – You deserve to know what you’re capable of

  • Personal-awareness

Is this is a good fit for you?

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