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11 Reasons Why Smiling Makes A Person More Successful!

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11 Reasons Why Smiling Makes A Person More Successful!

In a recent conversation with my daughter, we talked about the importance of smiling and not frowning or having a scowl on one’s face all the time. Here is a part of our conversation though I only got through #1 and had to come up with the rest later.


1 – A smile is warm, welcoming and let’s other people know we are friendly. It’s a universal expression that let’s others know something about us – fun, friendly, safe, happy, confident, etc.


When you see a stranger walking toward you and you make eye contact with them. If they are smiling, or acknowledging you in a positive way, it usually means they and friendly and mean you no harm.


In contrast it is far more difficult to trust someone who is walking towards you who wears a scowl on their face. The non-verbal’s send very different messages.


2 –  A smile can make people happy


Ever watch a baby smile at a stranger and that person lights up? Smiling creates a positive emotional response. For a brief moment a smile takes away the worries of the world and allows the person receiving it to see that life isn’t so bleak after all, and there are moments of great joy and happiness to be experienced.


3 – Smiling is Contagious


If you’re in a room with people and you have a smile on your face, it will not take long for others to catch your emotion and expression. Your smile is transferable to others. If you’re engaged in a conversation and you’re smiling it won’t be long before the other person will be smiling too.


4 – Smiling can make you popular


Life isn’t about popularity and we’re not in high school anymore but there is a truth that people like to be around happy people. Which type of people do you prefer? A person who is scowling like they have a mouth full of lemon drops or someone who’s smiling like they just downed a delicious pixy stick?

5 – Smiling can help you to make new friends


In Dale Carnegies’ book, How To Win Friends and Influence Others, he has a section about how your smile is directly related to how you make and keep friends. Our smiles help us develop new friendships.


6 – A smile is usually returned


Smiling is a positive energy exchange between people. When one person smiles at you in passing it’s easy to return the gesture with a smile, and is often times the first form of communication before people become friends.


7 – Smiling makes you positive and happy inside


We do our emotions. Emotions are responses to the meanings we associate with circumstances or events. If you’re down, go to the mirror and smile at yourself. Yes, it feels ridiculous, however, it’s hard to think about negative things when you’re focused on smiling. Smiling creates an internal happiness.


8 – A smile makes you look far more attractive


Look at the pics of celebrities when you’re checking out of the grocery store. They are always smiling and they look great…that is, unless it’s about their divorce and then there is a picture of them not smiling and they don’t look as attractive. Smiling makes a person more attractive. When the camera is pointed at you, what do you do? Say cheese and smile (Unless it’s the DMV).


9 – Smiling makes you memorable to others


Ever had a conversation and not remember what was even said, but you remember how you felt? Or how the other person made you feel? You can see their face and their smile and it’s memorable. Think back to your friends from years ago…how do you envision that memory? Or a loved one that has passed away? We often times see them with a smile on their face. Same is true for us in our conversations – people remember a smiling person.


10 – Smiling is good for your health


Smiling releases stress and tension in a person’s life. Now, that is not to say you won’t experience stress but smiling does help shift the focus to more positive things and reduces stress.

11 – The effects of smiling can last for hours


Smiling puts all the problems of the world on hold for a moment. You forget your problems, and become more positive and you’re in a better position to move forward to improve your life.


Smiling is FREE! And you never run out of them to give away. Your smile is more powerful than you may think it is and it’s powerful enough to change not only your world but others too.


Keep Smiling!!


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