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About Marc



I’ve been known as a leader and a businessman my entire life.


I was a financial planner and I worked for a church and created a program for refugees. I lived in China preparing leaders for international relations. I’ve been a professor of finance and a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserves.


I’m known for my work with refugees, where I created a school that has taught English and cultural assimilation to over 2,000 people.


As a professor of finance, I’ve taught hundreds of students how to get out of debt, manage their money and invest.


As a public speaker and teacher, I have written curriculum and have spoken to thousands of people inspiring them to dream big and move their lives towards their full potential.


And as a Lieutenant Commander, I am a Chaplain that continues to work with warriors and civilians who are struggling from PTSD, domestic violence, depression, relational struggles, and suicidal ideation.


I’m known for three things

  • Family/Friends

  • Fun

  • Faith


I’ve been highly creative and ambitious my entire life, it’s why I’ve done such extraordinary things, but the secret that most people don’t know about me is that I was driven by a belief that if I just worked harder and did more I’d finally accomplish something, or even worse, the one that’s harder for me to share is if I just worked harder or did more I’d finally get approval from my supervisor.


Over time, because of my success, I got trapped. I continued to work hard hoping that one day things would finally turn around and get better. However, while in this trap, I started to believe that I wasn’t enough, and I became less creative and more timid in taking risks because now I had other concerns like a family to take care of and a lifestyle to maintain.


In my frustration, I discovered the courage to make one major decision that set me free. That defining moment changed my entire world.


I am a trusted advisor, business coach, chaplain, and professor. People come to work with me because they are highly creative, extremely ambitious, and they live from their values.


If that is you, you and I should have a conversation – Call Me!

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