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Are You Just A Grasshopper?

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Are You Just A Grasshopper

Overcoming A Negative Self-Perception

There’s an old story where God tells some warriors to enter a land, spy it out, and take possession of the land.


 These warriors entered this beautiful land and saw all the goods and fortune they were about take possession of then something happened. They saw giants in the land and in fear they retreated never to take possession of the land or its treasures. Fear held them back from taking full possession of all the wealth in the land. They said to themselves and others that when they saw the giants that they became like grasshoppers in their own eyes…in other words, these giants will squash us.


Instead of gaining possession of the land and all its abundance they ran in fear and ended up wandering in the desert for 40 years believing they were nothing more than grasshoppers. Think of that…rather than pursuing great things they allowed fear of failure to prevent them from the abundant life they were meant to have.


I often wonder, how many of us have given up on being the best version of ourselves because we allowed others impressions of us to direct our steps, or we allowed our own inner fears to prevent us from moving forward.


We all have an inner critic. The longer we allow the inner critic to speak to us the less likely we are to ever reach our full potential. The longer we allow the inner critic to speak into our life the less likely we are to believe the truth about our potential.


  1. What dream do you have that the world can benefit from?

  2. What voice is holding you back?

  3. What fear paralyzes you from moving forward?

  4. What do you need to do to take action and begin moving forward?



Don’t spend your life waiting for the inner critic to go away…it never does! Don’t continue living in fear. If you want to be in the 1% club you have to control the inner critic and take action. Action prevents you from being robbed of your dream you’re your potential. Action moves you from where you are towards where you need to be…once you get momentum there is no stopping you.


Crush it!





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