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Crush Your Inner Critic

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Crush Your Inner Critic

4 Ways To Crush Your Inner Critic

We are all familiar with the inner critic. We just don’t like to talk about the inner voice that tells us we’re not good enough. Not smart enough. Not attractive enough. You’ll fail!

It’s the voice that keeps most people from ever discovering their full potential, or finding true love.  It’s time to crush the inner critic…and reach for and discover new possibilities.


If you’re a leader, high-achiever or an entrepreneur Here are 4 ways to crush your inner critic:


  1. Acknowledge it and that it’s really there but it’s not reality.

  2. Identify when these thoughts come to mind…what’s triggering it then write down what the thoughts are. “You’ll never be successful.” “People won’t want to do business with you.” “I’ll never be enough.” Write them down. Look at them.

  3. Reframe them or create a new incantation. “I am successful.” “People want to do business with me.” “The world needs what I have to offer.” I know, for some of you this may seem cheesy, but try it, it beats the alternative.

  4. Take action. Simple steps that will move you toward your goal. Action gives our minds something to focus on and when we take action we begin to create results and positive results create new thoughts, beliefs that will crush your inner critic.


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