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A Leader Takes Responsibility

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A Leader Takes Responsibility

You ever watch the movie Spider Man? If not, it’s time you do! There’s a scene in there where Peter Parker’s grandfather says his famous line, “With great power comes great responsibility.”


When Peter Parker knew he possessed a special gift it was important for him to know that his gift could be:

  • Neglected

  • Abused

  • Or used for good.


And with his knowledge of this gift came incredible responsibility.


RESPONSIBILITY – Consist of two-words Response and Ability. It’s your ability to respond to circumstances, situations, and events while under pressure. Some people melt away when they begin to feel the heat on, while others thrive. Why? Because some people have a greater capacity to respond positively while under pressure while other lack the ability do so.


Leadership is no different. You may have an incredible gift to lead others, but with this gift also comes great responsibility.


As a leader you can neglect your gift and nobody benefits and you waste away not ever knowing what you’re fully capable of achieving, or you can use your leadership gift in an abusive way, or you can lead yourself and other to greater success.  It’s your choice!


What kind of leader do you believe you are?

Would others agree with your assessment?

How do you know they agree with your assessment?

What events in your life helped you determine if you are or are not a leader?


Spiderman is inspiring fiction. However, you are stronger and greater than him because you are real and you exist in the ‘real world.’ If you’re a leader you have the power to influence others to their greater potential and make real transforming change in their lives. Not just inspiration but real change.


Though many people may have a leadership trait or a special ability it’s not until certain variable happen that will determine if they are a successful leader or not.


Leaders have vision and the ability to move others toward their vision. Your responsibility as a leader it to make sure that those who are following you have clear direction and are heading in the right direction. Some think it’s about moving people and getting them to cooperate with the vision…no that’s called a manager. A leader moves people but in the process understand it is their responsibility to be aware of their followers needs, the work they’ve been tasked with, and any mistakes that are happening so they can correct them and put them back on the right path.


Aspiring to be a leader is noble, however, it’s not easy because with it comes added responsibility. But a true leader welcomes responsibility and grows from it.


There are leaders who enjoy their role and when all is going well they love the praise and accept it but when things go bad if they put the blame on others or give excuses then they are passing off their responsibility. True leaders own the task – good or bad.


Excuses and blaming others are not a quality of a good leader. A leader can’t manage every detail in a project, so this leaves a lot of space for something to go wrong. But leaders have control of how they react to people and problems.


  • Acknowledge it!

  • Correct it!

  • Move forward


True leadership is revealed by how well you respond to problems and/or failures.

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