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On-The-Go Tips

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On-The-Go Tips

We are in a high-speed society. You might be spending time in the office or constantly busy and on the move.

Here are some ways to make life easier:

  1. Stay organized. Get all your events, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses on a single calendar with easy access.  Keeping all the information in one place can keep you from wasting time looking for it later.

  2. What are your time wasters? Do a time audit of how you spend your time. Keep track of the amount of time you waste on unnecessary things. List them out and put them on your do not do list.

  3. Put your keys in the same place every day. Not everybody suffers from this problem but many people spend 10+ minutes a day looking for their keys on a regular basis.

  4. Schedule items on your to-do-list to knock them out on your way to work, during your lunch hour or on your way home so your evenings are free to spend time with people you care about, and your weekends are free to enjoy doing other activities.

  5. Finish what you start. Trying to do multiple tasks or projects at one time can be frustrating because they often times never get done. Choose an item or project and knock it out. Once you do you’ll experience a greater sense of satisfaction because you got it done.

  6. Delegate. List the most important items and get them done. Ask yourself, what three things would make today a successful day? Write them down and do them. Look at your to do list and mark the items that can be delegated to others and pass them along.

  7. Have a to go snack ready to go. Remember those small packs of cheese and crackers? Have some on hand or a small bag of almonds. Something that will give you a boost of energy through your day.

If you have any more tips, we would love to hear about them.



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